The Barnabas Files

For 10 years now, every Saturday, I have sent round a preaching related quote to hundreds of preachers around the world. These are quotes that I have come across in my own reading, while some have been sent to me. You can find all of them at The Barnabas Files website where a new quote appears each week, but I will also post that quote here every Saturday morning. Here is yesterday’s offering.

“In the treatment of your topic, you will marshal verses which inform and support your assertions.  Do not overload the sermon with too many supportive verses.  Under the Old Covenant, two or three witnesses were enough to put a man to death.  Under the New Covenant, two or three witnesses can get you excommunicated.  Two or three witnesses are enough.  Do not feel that you must load up your sermon with ten or twelve texts to make your case.  Choose your front-line soldiers.  Expound them thoroughly to carry the judgement of God’s noble-minded people.”
A N Martin

Pastoral Theology Vol 2: The Man of God.  His Preaching and Teaching Labours 
Montville: Trinity Pulpit Press, 2018  p330

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