Sermon Of The Week

Each Wednesday we will highlight a sermon that exemplifies expository excellence. This week it’s by Steven Lawson.

Dr. Lawson is a Teaching Fellow and board member with Ligonier Ministries, as well as a Visiting Professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at Ligonier Academy, where he teaches Expository Preaching. He also serves as Professor of Preaching at The Master’s Seminary in the master’s and doctoral degree programs, where he also serves on the board of The Master’s Seminary and College.

He is a regular speaker at The Shepherd’s Conference, Ligonier National and Regional Conferences, G3 Conference, and Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. Moreover, he is a featured speaker at numerous conferences overseas, such as the Focus Conference in Italy, the Fiel Conference in Brazil, and the Scottish Reformed Conference in Scotland.

HT: OnePassion Ministries

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