The Barnabas Files

“Our Father, we are thankful that we have Your Word as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path as we wrestle through this matter of solemn responsibility to bring home the Word to the feelings and wills of Your people.  We pray that You would forgive us where we have failed, where we have not been willing to do the head-work and the heart-work necessary.  Give us help, that Your Word will come home powerfully to the hearts of all our people week by week.  Help us to help Your true people on their way to heaven.  We know that we live in a day of small things, but we also know that our charge does not change, in season or out of season.  Give us grace to be the men and preachers that we ought to be to the praise of the glory of Your grace.  Hear us, we plead in Jesus’ worthy name.  Amen.”
A N Martin 
Pastoral Theology Vol 2: The Man of God.  His Preaching and Teaching Labours 
Montville: Trinity Pulpit Press, 2018  p117

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