The Barnabas Files

“The problem for the preacher who rightly aims at relevance is that the more the preaching moves in the direction of the hearer’s interests, the greater is the danger of the preaching being irrelevant. It is the unique distinctiveness of the gospel which makes the difference in people’s lives. But if the preaching has become so “relevant” that it differs little from the kind of discussion that fills the weary hours of the talk shows, questions people may legitimately ask are: Why should we bother with this message called the gospel, which seems to be little more than a religious version of talk-show babble? Why go to the trouble of being religious with all its attendant restrictions if all I get in the end is the same kind of help for my problems that I can garner from other sources without the tiresome restrictions in which religion seems to specialize?”

Stuart Briscoe
Fresh Air in the Pulpit
Grand Rapids: Baker, 1994   pp55-37

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