About The Preacher

My name is John Brand and I have had the immense privilege of being a preacher and teacher of God’s Word for more than 40 years.

I have had the joy of serving three independent evangelical churches as their Pastor, including my current ministry at Grace Community Church in Broxburn, West Lothian, a church re-plant. I also serve as Principal of Edinburgh Bible College.

Over the years I have also spent some 15 years in itinerant ministry while leading an international missions agency and this gave me the opportunity to visit and minister to nationals and expats in around 15 different countries in Africa and Europe. Of particular joy was a series of Preachers’ Workshops I was privileged to lead in Khartoum (Sudan) and Juba (South Sudan).

In all my ministry, nothing has been more rewarding and fulfilling than expounding the Scriptures and I have sought over the years to continually develop and sharpen my understanding of and ability in rightly handling the Word of God. A very close second comes the opportunities I have to train up and encourage others in this great work.

If, through this blog, I can encourage you and stimulate you in your own proclamation of God’s Word then the time spent will have been worth it.

“Preach the gospel, die and be forgotten.” (Count Zinzendorf)

Soli Deo Gloria!